Pleased to announce that we have completed the titer testing for Chagas Disease and have confirmed that our kennel facility and population is Chagas free at this time. It has been an extensive and expensive process. While we have no experience with Chagas and have never had a positive case, we are committed to maintaining all of the procedures and kennel management practices that it will take to assure that we ​remain Chagas, Heartworm, Lyme and Ehrlichia Disease-free. 

​We will have future openings for professional, enthusiastic team players to handle our pipeline leak detection k9s on deployments* in the US. Think you have what it takes? Send an inquiry for an application to our email address at

​* We do not publish, photograph, nor disclose search locations, "street finds", pipeline leaks, client references or any investigative evidentiary information.


Maitland K9s LLC has received official certifications as a Texas HUB, WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE and SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Contact Melissa about opportunities.

We are proud to adhere to and implement the BEST PRACTICES as outlined by SWGDOG guidelines and we encourage you to review them at

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the SOUTH TEXAS OILFIELD EXPO in San Antonio!