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Welcome, Velkommen, Aloha, Benvenuto, Dobrodosli, Swaagatham, Mabuhay, Bienvenue, Welkom, Shalom, Bem-vindo, Salaam, Vitame te, Wilkommen, Merhaba!
Some of our present & past affiliations:
  • ISNetworld member contractor
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Crimes Against Children Task Force
  • Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Guidelines
  • International Working Dog Breeding Association
  • United States Police Canine Association
  • National Narcotic Detector Dog Association
  • North American Police Work Dog Association
  • Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association
  • Wisconsin Canine Search and Recovery Association
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • National Incident Management System
  • American Redbone Coonhound Association
  • National Redbone Coonhound Association
  • American Pointing Labrador Association
  • The Labrador Retriever Club
  • American Bloodhound Club
  • Canine Search and Recovery Association
  • Dock Dogs Worldwide

​Breeding Stock screenings & certifications:

​* Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

​* University of PA Hip Improvement Program

​* Canine Eye Registration Foundation

​* Exercise Induced Collapse

​* Centro Nuclear Myopathy

* Progressive Retinal Atrophy

* Degenerative Myelopathy

​* D Locus genotype

​* Canine Health Information Center

​* Brucellosis, Chagas, Heartworm, Lyme and     Ehrlichia Disease-free.